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What is OnboardCentric?

OnboardCentric is an employee onboarding platform for U.S. based SMB employers that helps optimize the collection of information while reducing paperwork and redundancy. New hires are invited to fill out forms and view and sign documents electronically from the web-based portal. Key features include form auto-fill, electronic signatures, E-Verify integration and task workflow customization.

OnboardCentric helps automate onboarding paperwork by guiding new employees through the questions necessary to complete new hire employment forms such as federal tax forms (W-4, I-9), state and local tax forms, direct deposit authorization, handbook and policy authorizations, emergency contact information, and security and network access. The onboarding application automatically collects basic information to determine the paperwork required based on the employee’s location, division, position type and more.

OnboardCentric populates the necessary forms with the data collected in initial interviews and allows newly-hired employees to review and/or electronically sign the forms. Organizations can ensure that no paperwork processing is delayed by enabling notifications which alert staff and/or department managers to authorize or approve forms electronically. New hires can also receive reminders and view deadlines by logging into their personal dashboard. OnboardCentric’s FlexField feature helps identify the criteria for each new hire, and ensures that follow up tasks are assigned to the correct staff members.

Overview of OnboardCentric benefits

Organizations are able to provide personalized digital “new hire packets” which contain documents, tasks, and forms assigned to a particular new hire. Users can also link training videos and how-to guides, as well as important web pages that need to be reviewed by new employees. Integration with E-Verify enables the streamlined verification of employment eligibility, and keeps all compliance-related data in one place. WOTC integration is also available for employers to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

OnboardCentric onboarding software from ExactHire allows small and medium employers to make paperwork collection paperless, efficient and pleasant for new employees. New hires are invited to enter data that automatically fills forms and documents which may be viewed and signed electronically from the web-based portal. OnboardCentric includes E-Verify integration and the ability to create a robust onboarding task workflow for your business.


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