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What is One.class?

One.class is a hybrid classroom product that can be used to conduct effective, engaging and gamified classrooms.

It doubles up as both an online and in-classroom solution which schools can use regards of any condition.

1) Teachers can run effective multimedia presentations in all formats (audio, video, PPT, PDF etc)

2) Teachers can create groupa & team based learning environment to drive the competitive spirit in classroom.

3) Teachers can use pulse option (poll) to understand & get quick feedback about student's understanding.

4) Conducting exams are simple & effective, teachers can detailed reports on exams conducted.

5) Entire classroom ecosystem cannbe gamified to conduct buzzer quiz rounds, which drives student participation and collaboration. 

Overview of One.class benefits

- Lower IT costs required to run & maintain the product.

- Engaged classroom environment.

- Improved attention span among students. 

- Smaller learning curve for teachers. Thus teachers can make use of their spare time to conduct more effective classrooms.

- Also acts as a simple school management solution where the institute's admin can make use of this to create roll numbers for students & teachers.

- One stop solution to run an entire classroom. One.class comes built in and ready with audio/video classroom setup, whiteboard, multimedia bin to sync and access common content, live polls & feedback, Buzzer quiz, Exams & assessments with detailed analytics, one-touch attendance and many more.

- One.class uses behavioral economics that which teachers can use to keep students hooked to the session. Thus improving attention factor.







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