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ONLYOFFICE is the leading GDPR-compliant online collaboration platform used by many educational establishments.

ONLYOFFICE comprises comprehensive online document processing and multiple productivity tools such as file management, projects, email, calendar, chat, wiki.

With ONLYOFFICE Workspace, you can easily organize your own virtual classroom: store lectures and hand-outs in one place, share, submit and assess student work, plan and monitor in-class and out-of-class activities, create your own social network with blogs, forums, news, bookmarks, etc., conduct surveys and tests, build your own knowledge base using wiki, and much more.

ONLYOFFICE Docs integrates easily with any eLearning or Sync & Share platform of your choice (Moodle, OpenOlat, Chamilo, HumHub, WebWeaver, Nextcloud, Seafile, ownCloud, Plone, and many others) enhancing it with collaborative document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors.

Overview of ONLYOFFICE benefits

Why to choose ONLYOFFICE for education?

  • Rich functionality. With ONLYOFFICE, you get a cloud storage for your worksheets, lectures and papers, projects with tasks and deadlines, mail, chat, blogs, forums, polls, bookmarks and wiki, timetable, to-dos and reminders. ONLYOFFICE online editors provide users with academic formatting and navigation: drop caps, footnotes, table of contents, bookmarks, forms. Useful plugins - EasyBib, Mendeley, Zotero for creating bibliographies, Thesaurus for searching synonyms and antonyms - will complement your experience.
  • Intuitive interface. Just open your browser, log in and start working at that very second. You’ll understand everything!
  • Flexibility. ONLYOFFICE is highly customizable to student and teacher needs. You can organize and adjust a virtual classroom or use online editors within your favorite e-learning platform. 
  • Scalability. ONLYOFFICE is highly scalable to the needs of large universities and research centers.
  • Cost efficiency. Pick out the most suitable version for your budget. ONLYOFFICE has something for any team! Educational discounts are available.
  • Security. ONLYOFFICE is on guard for security of your personal information. We offer full set of data protection, monitoring and backup tools, as well as options for private cloud installation.
  • Remote learning. With ONLYOFFICE, all operations are accessible from anywhere via browsers, desktop clients and mobile apps. It is a perfect solution for online learning and remote classes.



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