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What is ONLYOFFICE DocSpace?

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace is a room-based environment intended to improve collaboration on educational contents with various people you need to interact.

  • Easily create learning materials such as text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, digital forms, PDFs, e-books, etc. for your classes and courses.
  • Work together on the course files, didactic materials, and other papers in collaboration rooms.
  • Create custom rooms with flexible settings for any task and purpose.
  • Easily share the created rooms with students, educational staff, professors, reviewers, etc.
  • Secure access to sensitive files and confidential data using multiple available settings.
  • Connect third-party cloud storages.
  • Customize your DocSpace to give it the look and feel that you desire.

Overview of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace benefits

Powerful online editors with academic formatting and navigation included: drop caps, footnotes, table of contents, bookmarks, etc.

AI helper: ChatGPT plugin to run word analysis, generate images and keywords, explain words, summarize and translate texts, etc.

More useful plugins to complement your experience: Mendeley and Zotero for creating bibliographies, Thesaurus for searching synonyms and antonyms, Apertium and Deepl for translating texts, Grammalecte and LanguageTool for correcting grammar, Jitsi and Zoom for making video conferences right in the editors. 

Work with any content you have: texts, sheets, slides, electronic forms, PDF, e-books, multimedia.

Flexible access rights & user roles: fine-tune the access to secure the environment as a whole, as well as the files used by DocSpace teams and individual users (owner, DocSpace/room admin, power user, user, editor, viewer, reviewer, commenter, form filler).

Data security: compliance with GDPR, AES-256 encryption standard, tools for secure access & monitoring, activity tracking and audit reporting.

Customization: tailor ONLYOFFICE DocSpace to your liking, upload your own logos, select the color scheme. 

Cost efficiency: ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Cloud is free for schools. In the corporate version, you need to pay only for admins and power users with extended rights, while all other regular users can be added absolutely for free.



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