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What is OnScreen?

Agile digital adoption platform for SAP and web-based enterprise applications that boosts efficiency and productivity. Optimize SAP on-boarding, Increase Employee Productivity and reduce training costs by as much as 50%.

OnScreen allows any trainer or subject matter expert to create contextual step by step walkthroughs that are made available to end users live directly in your sap system or any web application like Salesforce, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Workday or ServiceNow.

Watch the Explainer Video to see how OnScreen can help address common training and onboarding issues that organizations commonly face as part of ongoing digital transformation efforts. Increase user adoption rates and overall productivity with SAP ERP or any Enterprise application.

Rather than following long documentation that can be hard to find, confusing, or incomplete, OnScreen provides easy to read instructions that guide users through any business process.

Overview of OnScreen benefits

Digital Transformation teams implementing SAP often work against tight deadlines and are short on resources. Onscreen increases project success rates by improving user time to proficiency and reducing training development and support time.

OnScreen is built and Optimized for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

For Business Users
OnScreen is so simple to use, process experts and trainers can create step by step walkthroughs in minutes

Fast to Roll Out
OnScreen is SaaS-based and requires no SAP installation or transport

OnScreen allows you to rapidly develop interactive guides on the SAP screen to help your business users complete any process frustration and error-free.

Go through the steps of the process in SAP once with OnScreen to capture everything

Quickly add explanatory text and links designed to help the user complete their task

Assign to users and groups that will benefit from step by step guidance in SAP
Get Started
Better Results

Accelerate Onboarding time
Cut training costs
Save on development hours
Reduce support and escalation calls

Process and data  accuracy
Eliminate learning related work stoppage
Everyone performs like a Power User

Standardise process execution
Speed up training development time
Instant information access to perform any task
Quicker time to proficiency


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