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What is OpenEduCat?

OpenEduCat is a modular and open-source educational institution management solution. It consolidates powerful and unique technologies into one platform to aid educational organizations in management, engaging, communicating, and collaborating effectively with students, teachers, and administrative staff.

And because the makers of OpenEduCat are aware that each school or university has its own way of doing things, the platform is made to be flexible. As such, when you acquire the solution, you can customize it with relevant modules, ERPs, CRMs, social platforms, and other third-party applications. A robust set of APIs is also available to allow you to exert more control over your customization and integrations.

Overview of OpenEduCat benefits

Modular Approach

OpenEduCat has multiple modules that you can mix and match. Because of this, you can truly customize the platform. This also enables you to create a solution that meets your every need as well as your budget constraints. Moreover, this modular approach gives you the capability to scale up with ease, as you can simply add more components as your institution’s needs evolve.

Robust Core Features

At the heart of OpenEduCat are components that make managing students, courses, faculty, enrollments, exams, & finances easier. These have a wide range of tools that make administrative tasks seamless. Each module also has unique elements that add value to the platform as well as extend its functionalities. As such, students, teachers, and staffs can find everything they require in a single solution.

Multi-language Interface

Educational institutions are likely to have students who speak different languages. To make navigation seamless for them, OpenEduCat supports multiple languages for the interface. This allows educational organizations to create versions of their website in other tongues to be welcoming to international students.

Multi-currency Support

Being able to accept payments in different currencies can make transactions more convenient. That is why OpenEduCat has that capability. This also enables parents and students who have accounts in international currencies to pay school fees in their preferred monetary medium. Additionally, this lets both parties bypass conversion fees and the long transfer wait.

Multi-organization Capability

With OpenEduCat, you can welcome onboard other institutions that are part of your family



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