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What is OurPeople?

OurPeople is a mobile-first communication, content distribution and engagement platform designed for hourly and non-desk workforces, which aims to simplify content distribution and increase engagement across organizations. The system connects workforces, enables the solicitation of constructive feedback, offers a microlearning system, and support for employee onboarding, and more.

With OurPeople, users can communicate with employees through any device, and track which communications have been read. Skills and job roles assigned to team members create a profile which defines the colleagues they can contact, information they can access, and messages they receive. Custom tags allow managers to reach out to different departments, groups, or individuals based on their skills, locations, or roles. The manager console in Our People enables the collection of team feedback through custom surveys. Push notifications alert employees to new surveys, and automated reminders are delivered for any surveys which have not been completed. Open questions also allow employees to provide detailed responses in a chat-style format.

Overview of OurPeople benefits

OurPeople is a communications solution built specifically for frontline, hourly employees, or teams that don't sit behind a desk all day. Forget email, endless news feeds, or group chat Apps, you need a solution that gets your message across and ensures your team stays in the loop. Managers can track engagement with beautiful, full reports, ensuring you know who has seen your message and responded, in seconds! Your people need OurPeople!

Communication without the noise and chaos

Eliminate distractions. Deliver concise information without a sea of comments diluting important messages.

Built from the ground up for your team

Designed to reach everyone. Send messages, files, events and surveys to the entire team including your deskless workers.

Safe, secure and GDPR compliant

The OurPeople platform is GDPR compliant and fully within company control.


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