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What is Owwlish?

"How can we make this job for developers or beginner course creators easier and more convenient?" This is the exact problem that Owwlish is trying to solve!

This LMS solution is trying to shoot for really shortening that site-development time. For example, connecting your WordPress site to your Owwlish account is super simple: they have made it to be just a few clicks away and build that online course website within just a few hours and have it run on your WordPress website.

Uploading video lessons is very quick and easy. All the headaches of uploading your videos elsewhere and configuring your site just to stick it back in are gone in Owwlish. All you have to do is click upload, choose a file, or drag the file on the upload box and wait for it to complete. A huge bonus would be Owwlish's optimized video resolutions, where you and your students will be able to enjoy video lessons at high definition.

Basically, Owwlish lets creators build an aesthetically pleasing course site without all the hassles and complexity of configuration, coding, and all other backend stuff.

Overview of Owwlish benefits

a. Insert courses into almost any website: We support nearly every website platform by adding a few lines of code.
b. Say goodbye to subdomains: Why send your learners to a separate subdomain to take your course when it can be added directly onto your existing website with zero hassle? Give your learners a smoother onboarding while keeping your brand consistent.
c. Superbly easy course builder: Organizing modules & lessons, uploading videos, and adding rich text has never been easier.
d. Protected video for learner's eyes only: High-definition protected course videos, streamed from your website and built to discourage downloading/sharing of your valuable content.
e. Never get locked in: We're platform agnostic. Move your course from one website platform to another in minutes! Example: Move from WordPress to SquareSpace instantly. Or have your course on both sites simultaneously.
f. Adding courses to WordPress- a snap: Most LMS plugins are messy and complicated. Owwlish on WordPress is easy peasy.
g. Checkout using any payment gateway: Charge for your courses using nearly any payment method on earth with native WooCommerce integration.


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