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  • xAPI/Tin Can API

What is Pathwright?

Since 2009, Pathwright has made it our mission to multiply the impact teachers make on the world. We believe that goal means so much more than reaching masses at lower costs. To us, it means helping every teacher guide every student step-by-step with learning tailored to them. It means giving learners the controls to shape their own paths. It means the support of mentorship, accountability, and community is with you. And, yes, it means doing all this at scale, but with our humanity intact.

We didn’t pick the easy path (oops). We’ve been building toward human design, open teamwork, and un-lonely learning for a decade. We’ll probably be at it for decades to come. And we can’t do it without you, because Pathwright is for you.

Overview of Pathwright benefits

Pathwright is a different way to think about online education.

Pathwright isn’t just a better LMS or way of digitizing educational content—it’s a whole new way to think about education. When we build new features, we don’t attempt to make a better version of something else but to design a digital reflection of how the best teaching and learning happens in real life. As we teach ourselves and work closely with creative and skilled teachers, our beliefs about what education could be sharpen and shape everything we build.

We’re still learning and don’t fully meet the ideals articulated here. But they encapsulate the direction we’re striving towards with and for the educators who depend on Pathwright.

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