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Patriot Payroll

Patriot Software offers online payroll to save you time and money. Made for USA small business owners with 1-100 employees.

Who Uses This Software?

We serve American small businesses with 1-100 employees, as well as accountants who offer payroll services in their practice for their clients.

  • Small/Medium Businesses
  • Self-Hosted Cloud-based
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Documentation
  • Live Online
  • Business Hours
  • Live Online
  • Online Community

What is Patriot Payroll?

Patriot Software is a budget-friendly payroll solution offered in two products, Basic Payroll and Full Service. The basic package allows you to use the web-based app, while the full package includes payroll services on top of using the app, such as managing collections, deposits and taxes on your behalf. Small companies can start with the basic plan at $10 per month (base price) + $4 per employee.

With the Basic payroll, small businesses use the software for running payroll with a simple 3-step process but will need to handle their own payroll tax deposits and payroll tax filings. The software offers detailed payroll reports and tax liabilities reports.  The Full Service Payroll starts at $30/month (base price) + $4 per employee. The Full-Service Payroll is recommended for busy business owners who do not have the time or man-power for handling payroll tax deposits and payroll tax filings. All end of the year payroll tax filings is included with the Full Service Payroll.

Basic Payroll features direct deposit and checks with unlimited 24/7 payrolls. With its scalable pricing model of a base price plus cost-per-employee setup, you get to process wages whether you have one or more employees (term apply). This gives small businesses a lot of flexibility and predictability in terms of payroll costs. Likewise, the software adapts to different pay schedules and hosts printable W-2 templates. It also has a free employee portal, where your staff can view the details of their paycheck, and automatic tax updates to keep your wage calculations accurate.

Overview of Patriot Payroll benefits

Scalable setup

Having an affordable payroll software that allows you to process an unlimited number of payrolls means you can get started with it while you are a small company and use the same software even as you grow. There is no need to migrate to a bigger system, which saves you the headache. Meanwhile, at a certain point when you will be needing assistance to process payroll, you can tap the vendor’s full services. You need not lose productive time dealing with wages, that is, you can focus your energy on growing the business. 

Easy to set up and use

The software is user-friendly, designed for nontechnical people. Should you find it difficult to set up an software or you simply don’t have time to learn the technology, the vendor is on hand to help you. Once set up, the software allows you to run payroll in three simple steps: click Run, enter hours and amount, then approve payroll. 

Free offers

The vendor provides plenty of free deals that are charged in other payroll solutions. These include free direct deposit that you can use to pay your staff, free payroll setup, free expert support, free trial and a free employee portal. The latter is useful for transparency, allowing employees to view their paystubs, pay history and wage data. 


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