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What is Paychex Flex?

Paychex is a suite that offers payroll, HR and benefits management systems for small, medium as well large businesses and makes it easier for them to efficiently manage tasks. The system encompasses payroll and taxes, 401 (k) retirement services, insurance, HR, employee benefits, accounting and finance and PEO (Professional Employer Organization).

The end-to-end and single-source HCM system puts the people and their needs at its core, while dedicated Care Act solutions allow taking action on otherwise complex health rules and regulations. The system automates applicant tracking and expense management, making recruiting and expense processes more efficient. Cloud-based accounting makes tedious tasks simpler while still offering the flexibility larger businesses require to scale their operations. Cloud-based solutions for enterprises combined with services allow them to manage their payroll, benefits and HR with ease and enhanced efficiently.

Overview of Paychex Flex benefits

Paychex solutions for small and medium businesses offer latest technologies and services they need to stay ahead of the curve and perform optimally. The system offers great flexibility, allowing organizations to manage their tasks the way they are used to such as reporting payroll information through email, phone or manually. The payroll management system Paychex Flex is accessible from anywhere using a browser as the information is stored in the cloud. Payroll tax administration services offer complete peace of mind and take care of the federal state laws and local regulations. Businesses can handle tax payments themselves if they want to and have complete control over their cash flows. The system helps businesses be more productive, stay compliant, save more time and attract and develop the talent pool.

PAYCHEX WORX provides businesses, entrepreneurs and HR professionals with the fundamental and strategic knowledge. The knowledge enables them to take timely action in a constantly changing HR landscape through an easily searchable collection of webinars, articles, videos, blue papers and more. The system covers hiring, HR services and compliance and online recruiting.

Employee benefit services include retirement and 401 (K), insurance and online benefits management. PAYCHEX also offers accounting and finance solutions that include payment processing services, expense management, Kashoo online accounting integration, online benefits management and more and work well for larger organizations having more than fifty employees.


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