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What is Paycor?

Paycor empowers leaders with personalized support and expert advice. Paycor is committed to giving leaders the technology and expertise they need to achieve their goals. When customers reach out, we deliver responsive, personalized care. For some, that means help with a quick fix like resetting a password. For others, it means talking to a specialist with specific skillsets and deep knowledge of their business. Whatever our customers need, we match them with exactly the right person or resource. We also empower our customers by giving them expert advice. Our HR Center of Excellence (HR COE) helps leaders achieve HR mastery by delivering best practices in many formats, from webinars, whitepapers, videos, infographics and more. Grounded in Paycor’s proprietary data, research, continual feedback from more than two million product users and 30+ years of experience in HCM technology, the HR COE is a unique service we provide to all HR and finance leaders. For customers, we offer an exclusive community, the CORner, for networking, sharing tips and advice, previewing new products, and giving feedback to Paycor on future product updates.

Overview of Paycor benefits

- Streamline HR and payroll processes and get fast access to employee data using one intuitive platform.

- Create, manage and communicate employee schedules while empowering employees to view, manage and receive schedule updates.

- Transform and simplify benefits enrollment & administration by removing the manual burden, pressure and risk with Paycor Benefits.

- Paycor’s onboarding streamlines manual administrative processes so leaders can focus on what matters most —their people.

- Paycor’s payroll software is an easy-to-use tool that streamlines the process, eliminates compliance issues and ensures accuracy.

- With easy onboarding tools and applicant tracking as part of our award-winning HR platform, Paycor makes recruiting, hiring, and new-hire management easy


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