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Use Cases
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Supported Specifications
  • SCORM 1.1
  • SCORM 1.2
  • Section 508

What is Payil - Future of Learning?

Payil is Cloud based Learning Experience Platform(LXP) with built in Learning Management, Communication and Administrative features.

As a cloud enabled platform, Payil is highly scalable customizable SAAS Platform hat can adapt to user’s branding needs.  

Creating courses or training programs is made easy with Course content management, Adaptive assessments, automated grading and certificate management.  AI based virtual assistant helps answer learners questions based on course content. 

Interactive discussions, Mass communication, push messages, and alerts makes it easier to communicate with learners and prospects. 

With self registration of courses, payment processing, attendance, analytics, content sharing and monetization features, course administration is made simple. 

Overview of Payil - Future of Learning benefits

Continuous learning

Online Assessment & Evaluation for measuring performance encouraging continuous learning methodology.

Adaptive Assessments

Automatic evaluation of quizzes & grading, Interactive content. Adaptive assessments to monitor progress.

Content Sharing & Discussions

Educators share content, making best learning materials available for learners. Promote thought provoking discussions.  API integration with various content providing platforms.

Digital Student Management

Easily available online content with Mobile access, Student Information System, Integration to Accounting systems, registration and payments.

Improve Learning Outcome

With continuous assessments,  monitor student performance and recommend interventions for increasing learning outcome 

AI Based Tutor Assistant

A proprietary LLM that answers learner’s questions automatically based on content from the course materials. Seamlessly integrates with the discussion forum.

Gather performance Metrix

Key performance Information captured at micro and macro level.

Integrate 3rd party content

Incorporate 3rd party content form other sources based on interventions needed


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