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Paypro Workforce Management

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Who Uses This Software?

Organizations looking for an expert support partner, not just a typical software company call center. Our 100% cloud-based platform scales from SMB (100+ Employees) to Enterprise.

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  • Small/Medium Businesses
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What is Paypro Workforce Management?

Paypro Workforce Management is a cloud-based human capital management solution designed to help businesses handle employee onboarding, scheduling, payroll and other processes. The employee management system enables HR teams to track applicants for open positions and conduct performance reviews on a unified platform.

The application allows administrators to capture and store employee information such as contact details, pay scale, hire date, and more in the employee database. Managers can utilize the time and attendance tracking system to track employees’ absences including paid time off, vacation, and sick leaves to facilitate the compensation calculation. With Paypro Workforce Management’s benefits administration module, HR professionals can create benefits packages for employees, which includes tuition reimbursement, volunteering initiatives, mentorship programs, and medical benefits.

Employees can also utilize the self-service portal to view pay statements and manage payment preferences in real-time.
Paypro Workforce Management integrates with Kronos Workforce Ready, enabling administrators to calculate employees’ wages based on their work hours and electronically file payroll tax returns. Other features include compliance management, document storage, analytics, leave management, automated alerts, performance tracking, and more.

Overview of Paypro Workforce Management benefits

Accurate, Effective Time And Attendance Systems

Track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data for compliance and cost control.

Punch card time clock systems are outdated, long replaced by employee cards, PIN entries, and even biometric scans.

You need a management system that’s easy to setup and integrate, while still covering an unlimited number of employees and organizational complexities.

Tracking your company’s most important resource — its people.

Better understand where your labor budget is being spent.

Eliminate manual tracking — which is both time-intensive and prone to human error.

Improve time and attendance accuracy for compliance purposes.

Automate manual HR tasks to improve efficiency.

Using software solutions helps with all shift-related reporting, job costing, and benefits tracking

.Reduce costs through advanced data collection by identifying waste and optimize your labor budget.

Employees and HR teams spend less time on payroll. They can focus on their jobs, rather than the additional task of accounting for their time.

Improve the accuracy of your time and attendance reporting and data, mitigating FLSA compliance risk and improving cost control.

Keep your employees informed. If your HR team is consistently swamped with information requests about sick time, vacation time, and payment discrepancies — giving your employees access to a system can help to reduce these tasks for your busy HR teams.

Scale with peace of mind. With time and attendance systems, you are always prepared to grow your workforce and onboard new hires.


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