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What is Peakon?

Peakon is an intelligent and automated employee engagement platform. The application automates various aspects of the process, such as feedback collection, analysis, and delivery.

With Peakon, employees have a way to make their opinions known. This enables companies to pinpoint areas with problems and act to troubleshoot them and also to identify the best performing teams, analyze what makes them productive, and apply their insights to other teams.

Furthermore, companies can also look forward to an increase in revenue through improved engagement. On top of that, Peakon can also assist them in retaining top performers to reduce the turnover rate and even push their employees to be more productive.

Overview of Peakon benefits

Automated Engagement

With Peakon, companies can look forward to more productive teams. That is because the software automates the most important aspects, from feedback collection to feedback analysis and delivery. This allows people to prioritize other tasks while waiting for data.

Customizable Questioning

Peakon works the way a company does. That is why the platform provides questions from its extensive database which were created from decades of organizational psychology research. These can be utilized as is or customized to better fit the situation. On top of that, users themselves can add open-ended questions or create their own.

Two-Way Engagement

With Peakon, it is not just the management talking to the employees. For an organization to be successful, it also has to listen to its employees or members. This is something Peakon understands which is why it has devised a solution that gathers and analyzes employee feedbacks.

Moreover, Peakon supports anonymous communications so employees can be honest with their opinions without fear of retribution.


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