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What is People Alchemy LWP?

Let’s be honest. L&D is wedded to the LMS. We’ve seen countless permutations of the learning management system enter our worlds, but their approach is always the same. Serve up content. Let learners consume content. Rinse and repeat and get limited results. The reality is, ‘doing’ content rarely translates to a change in behaviour. To really do something differently, learners need to, well, start doing it.

Our Learning Workflow Platform (LWP) focuses on delivering activities, not content. Then you get true learning transfer and application of knowledge. People Alchemy gets learners practicing skills again and again to improve performance.

This is not an LXP. Or an LMS.
This is an LWP and it’s instigating real change in learning.

Overview of People Alchemy LWP benefits

Learning workflows
Embed learning and change behaviour with step-by-step tasks and activities.
Activities and tasks
Give learners space to play with new knowledge through experimentation, reflection, and activities.
Add custom layers to pathways and tweak the pace at which a learner learns according to their specific needs.
Sustain learning through consistent, automated interactions.
Forum and feedback
Bolster mentorships in your organisation by facilitating communication and collaboration.
Push notifications
Engage learners with email and SMS prompts to keep them on track with their learning.
Off-the-shelf workflows
Save time and deliver high quality management training with our ready to go workflows.
Prove ROI
Use our value add tool to measure learning impact and truly understand the value of the learning programme.
Rich media
Embed videos, link to SCORM content and have learners upload feedback directly within the platform.
Ongoing support
Secure your success with UK-based servers and on-hand, in-house consultants.
Build pathways in any language you like and make learners feel at ease anywhere in the world.
Time zone aware
Deliver notifications and learning at times which are relevant and appropriate for learners.
Support qualifications, automate plagiarism checks, track and manage CPD easily with our platform add-ons.
Pull data from the system in different formats to suit your needs, or we can build custom data extracts for you.
And lots more...


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