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What is People Element?

People Element is a survey and coaching platform for managing employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction throughout the employee lifecycle. The platform enables managers to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback using real-time data-driven insights for change and goal management.

People Element offers a range of feedback collection methods including surveys created from templates or custom designs, a validated question library, personality assessment tools, 360-degree feedback, on-boarding, and exit interviews, which can be conducted via email, SMS, phone, in person, and more. Employee engagement surveys and stay interviews provide insight into employee motivation, pride in the organization, commitment to the organization, and intention to stay in their role.

People Element's analytics and customized reporting provide managers with detailed information into key areas functioning well and those requiring improvement. The platform automatically generates opportunity areas and action plans for managers to select and create a customized strategy for change. Managers can also monitor and adjust action plans during execution to ensure teams remain on track for goal completion.

Overview of People Element benefits

Our flexible all-in-one employee experience and engagement measurement solution gives you the
ease, speed, and confidence to act on the areas that matter most to the success of your business.
We designed our solution with your success in mind so you can continually improve the things
that will have the most impact on productivity, retention, and engagement.

We believe in making the right decisions to continually improve, so our approach and technology empower you to do the same.

In a few simple steps, you are able to obtain the actionable insights you need to achieve meaningful change.

Your dedicated experience manager is available to help ensure you are realizing the most benefit from your efforts. You have access to a wealth of experience and expertise in attaining real results. All clients receive:

Dedicated experience manager
Survey process coaching
Library of training and support resources
Ongoing product enhancements


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