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What is PeopleWorks?

PeopleWorks is a powerful and robust human capital management (HCM) software with a comprehensive suite of features and modules that enable business organizations cover the entire human resource function from end to end, from hire to retire. It caters to enterprises and organizations with a large workforce and capable of centralizing and streamlining all HR-related processes and data at a global scale.

With PeopleWorks, organizations get a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities, including recruitment management, core HR functionalities, workforce management, payroll management, talent acquisition, and learning and development. Providing users with a an integrated modular approach, PeopleWorks can be tailored to meet changing needs and requirements and even address all aspects of human capital management using a single, unified platform.

Overview of PeopleWorks benefits

Easier and Faster Recruitment and Onboarding

PeopleWorks simplifies and accelerates both the Recruitment and Onboarding process as it automates the selection of candidates and puts highly qualified prospective candidates into a pipeline.

Centralized Employee Database

PeopleWorks puts all employee-related information in a single, secure location for easy storage and access. In just a few clicks, you get the information you need, supplying you with the data you can use to build engaging and interactive strategies to further empower your employees and drive them toward success. You can perform polls, surveys, feedback, and quick queries to know the prevailing sentiments and emotions in the workplace.

PeopleWorks is optimized for mobility, enabling both management and employees remain connected to each other as well as access the system through any device anytime and anywhere.

Automated Administrative HR Management

Managing all aspects of HR is easy and efficient. PeopleWorks comes with a diverse collection of HR tools to automate day to day processes. Attendance management and monitoring is a breeze with geo and biometric attendance capabilities. In-house employees can log in to their desktops to log in and out, as well as change shifts and log overtimes. All attendance, leaves, and exits are fully integrated with the payroll module.


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