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What is Performance Culture?

Performance Culture is a web-based solution designed for organizations that don’t have the resources and time to manage complex HR processes such as talent management and performance reviews. The solution provides businesses with the tools they need to promote work space culture, simplify performance reviews and encourage feedback, which ultimately results in better management of HR processes and talent retention.

The platform helps build a high-performance culture and drive it through accountability and recognition. The software is more like a leadership and coaching tool instead of just being an HR administration software. Performance Culture incorporates the coaching process with Performance Values Matrix, which focuses on performance objectives and workplace behaviors. Focus on the organizational culture and its core values results in better teams and enhanced productivity without the complexity usually associated with traditional HR management solutions.

Overview of Performance Culture benefits

Performance Culture helps organizations achieve desired results through accountability, alignment and teamwork. The software helps develop future leaders and align business goals to performance objectives. The performance objectives based on core values help define success for employees and aligns teams with organization’s vision and mission. The Performance Values Matrix makes it easier to coach team members and enables the HR to focus on key behaviors that strengthen the company culture and drive results.

The talent management software helps evaluate employee, team as well as management’s performance and makes it easier to recognize great performers. Performance reviews, coaching templates, check-ins, engagement surveys, Learning Management System and 360-degree feedback helps organizations foster their workspace culture and drive better results. The Performance Culture System enables the team members to stay focused on goals and the shared objectives. The included business templates help define Vision, Mission, Goals and core values.

The software makes it easier for employees to complete self-assessments and helps the management track progress through the entire evaluation period. This allows the management to better understand the performance of their team members as well as their own. HR can assign learning topics to staff members and on-board new employees quicker. Employee engagement surveys help gather valuable and actionable insight into processes and build a better organizational culture. Performance Culture helps businesses achieve their goals by bringing organizational culture, values and employees together.


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