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What is Picnic?

Picnic™ eLearning Hub is a comprehensive gamified engagement platform built by award-winning learning experts and game designers. An all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform, Picnic™ makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively create online/digital applications and websites that drive superior learning engagement, content retention, employee loyalty, engagement, insights and employee recognition.

Key features include:

* Enterprise integration with LMSs, ERPs, data warehouses, content management systems, rewards programs, and authentication systems.
* Segmented campaigns and personalized adaptive quests create motivation and drive employee participation.
* Recognition, leveling and reward systems keep employees highly motivated, retained, and loyal.
* Dynamic personal profiles highlight the community history keeping their sentiment and engagement high.
* Engagement loops based on gameplay models provide dramatics boosts to interactivity, productivity and interest.
* Aggregated community insights paint a clear picture of employee segmentation, providing valuable opportunities for reinforcement, recognition, and resource optimization.

Overview of Picnic benefits

For $100m+ companies with communities of 50k+ customers, Picnic delivers the world's most sophisticated gamified eLearning, engagement & loyalty solutions. Designed by former Disney, Microsoft, EA, SAP experts in business, gamification, and technology, Picnic has been the 1# high-performance solution since 2008 for recognition, loyalty, engagement. Integrates with enterprise tech stacks, LMSs, CRMs, data warehouses, CMSs, POSs, etc.

Picnic™ eLearning Hub helps businesses drive employee engagement through adaptive questing, profile-centric insights, goal tracking, rewards, minigames, quizzes, challenges, and more. With Picnic™, businesses can create and deploy customized gamification campaigns via turnkey gamification and loyalty templates .

Proven Results

* Enhanced employee onboarding, development, and information consumption
* Increased outcomes and desired behaviours
* Improved compliance and response
* Valuable behaviour insights
* Improved organizational perception
* Enhanced processes


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