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What is Picnic?

Picnic is a gamification platform designed to help businesses drive customer loyalty and engagement through points, leaderboards, goal tracking, and more. With the Picnic BasKit and Picnic Platform packages, businesses can create and deploy customized gamification campaigns. Picnic BasKit provides users with a turnkey gamification and loyalty solution whist the Picnic Platform is designed specifically for developers to aid with the development and administration of gamification projects.

With Picnic BasKit users can create gamification campaigns to engage their community through tools such as point scoring, leaderboards, community challenges, scheduled competitions and prizes, digital goods collection, and more. Suitable for e-commerce, hospitality, employee engagement, fan engagement, sports and events, and more, Picnic aims to help businesses motivate community members in order to increase customer spend and boost revenue and engagement.

Picnic Platform is designed specifically for developers and provides a suite of development kits, back-end administration tools, auditing systems, design templates, and APIs in order to aid users with creating and running customized gamification projects or campaigns. Users can launch gamification features such as badges and rewards, points systems, leaderboards, and more, and set up competitions with configurable rules, custom prizes, virtual economies, and in-game currencies.

Overview of Picnic benefits

For $100m+ companies with communities of 50k+ customers, Picnic delivers the world's most sophisticated gamified engagement & loyalty solutions. Designed by former Disney, Microsoft, EA, SAP experts in business, gamification, and technology, Picnic has been the 1# high-performance solution since 2008 for recognition, loyalty, engagement. Integrates with enterprise tech stacks, CRMs, data warehouses, CMSs, POSs, etc.

Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub is a comprehensive gamified engagement platform built by award-winning business experts and game designers. An all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform, Picnic™ makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively create online/digital applications and websites that solve business problems such as community loyalty, engagement, insights and user activation for companies and brands.
Solutions made possible using Picnic’s™ one-stop-shop suite of tools range from basic “air miles” style loyalty points programs, to complex tiered VIP rewards and status programs, to dynamic and colourful interactive loyalty activities, quests, mini-games, challenges and contests spanning both digital and real-world. Supporting a broad range of features such as points, levels, groups, leaderboards, digital goods, instant win prizing, collection challenges, quests, and more, Picnic™ is a comprehensive solution with enough flexibility to offer brands long-term future-proofing and campaign iterations.


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