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What is Pingboard?

Pingboard is the employee experience platform for growing businesses that put their people first.

Our platform helps you save time and drive engagement at key moments in each employee’s journey. We know employee experience is different for the remote workforce and it shows in all of our features.

Build a culture of connection with Pingboard’s org charts, automated onboarding, and communication tools. Foster community and engage everyone in a positive feedback loop of creating, measuring, and refining experiences through recognition, 1:1s, and surveys.

Everything happens in one place that employees truly enjoy using, all the while amassing actionable insights to move your business forward.

Overview of Pingboard benefits

Sync employee data for an always accurate or chart

Visually navigate your company's structure, project teams, remote offices, skills, and more

Rich employee profiles make it easy for employees to learn about each other and make connections

Recurring 1:1s help managers build trust and think more like coaches

Searchable employee directory empowers employees to find answers to their everyday questions

Genuine peer recognition creates a culture of appreciation

Pre-boarding drives engagement from before day one when new hires can explore the org chart and employee profiles

Ease new hire anxiety with a flashcard game to learn names and faces

Employee milestones make sure no birthday or work anniversary is forgotten

Name pronunciation helps you create a more inclusive work environment

Know who's in and out of the office with Pingboard's shared, integrated vacation calendar.

Approve time-off requests with Pingboard's manager role.

Create customizable reports to export the data that you need at any time.

Integrate with your payroll or other communication tools to save you time and keep everything up to date


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