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What is Pipefy?

Pipefy is a process management tool that caters to the needs of different industries and business sizes. Be it shared services, BPO, IT and service desk, software development, finance, customer support, this software is equipped to handle all sorts of operational processes. Regarded as an intuitive and easy-to-use system, Pipefy enables users to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability by helping them create, organize, and manage their business processes and workflows in a single platform. Moreover, Pipefy can help companies and organizations assess and refine their processes to attain their goals and facilitate business growth more effectively.

With this software solution, users can visualize their specific work processes in a way that they can see what has been done, what is being done, and what needs to be done. It leverages the use of the Kanban method, a visual project management system which provides users with the capability to track the progress of their work from start to finish.

Overview of Pipefy benefits

Pipefy gives businesses the power to streamline your business processes with ease. Whether you want to improve the quality of your operations, track SLAs more efficiently, or improve teamwork, this software solution can provide you with all the tools that you require. On top of that, we have listed down some of the major benefits that you can reap by investing in this software:

Streamlined Operations

Companies have different ways of accomplishing the task at hand. This is why Pipefy provides its users with a lean management tool that lets you create workflows based on your processes and the best practices in your respective industry. With this, you don’t have to adjust your workflow to match the automated templates provided in the system. In case you haven’t had a chance to build your company’s system yet, this software also offers templates that may be customized according to your needs.

Improved Collaboration

Business processes often rely on teamwork. To help you improve collaboration within the workplace, Pipefy is equipped with automation tools to speed up processes and robust task management tools that will let you relay information to your teams with ease.


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