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Intelligent Candidate Screening Platform. Built for Startups & SMEs.

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Inmagine Group - 123RF, TADA Group, SEA Gamer Mall and more...

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What is Prehireforms?

Save time shortlisting candidates.

Identify your top talents instantly!
Zero time wasted on unqualified candidates. Candidates are ranked via a pre-set selection criteria. Let us help you narrow down those top performers that fit your criteria faster and better today!

What our customers say:
"I'm often too busy to review all the candidates who applied in. It's such a waste of time when you discovered most of the time are not qualified. Prehireforms show me who I should shortlist and I've since improved my time-to-fill target!"




Full access to job-specific questionnaires ready for you too.
Leave the hard work to us. We generate unique insights into each candidate from a range of attributes covering communication skills, teamwork and even motivational factors. Let us do the ground work so that you can focus on the interview later.

What our customers say:
"I stopped reading CVs now that I can test candidates to understand their true potentials. Thanks to the questionnaires samples guiding me to craft my own tests."

Overview of Prehireforms benefits

Cost-Effective for high-volume candidates screening! Get up to 1,000 candidates per pre-hire form. 

Simple and Easy to Use. Amazing candidate experience. View candidates' feedback out our site.

Full control over your pre-hire assessment forms. Our questions bank acts as a template for you to create your own pre-hire assessment forms. All forms and questionnaires are fully editable to suit your every unique requirement.

Save time in screening by auto-disqualifying candidates who do not your minimum requirement. 

- Role-specific skills machine learning tool
- Self-service Skills Assessment Tests Library
- Fully Customisable Beautiful Pre-Hire Forms
- Applicants' Status Tracking
- Candidates ranking and scores
- Refer-a-Friend / Multi-Recruiters Management




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