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What is Productivise?

With a bigger employee, distributor & field force network – sustained communication, engagement & work co-ordination at scale can be a challenge. Productivise enhances field outreach through:

  • Real-time collaboration between the central hub, field force & channel network
    • Improved business communication within one's network
    • Quicker time to market on product-related campaigns
    • Reduced delay between product launch & campaign roll-out
    • Reduced information gap & cost of support from back-office
  • Product recall & continuous engagement
    • Hierarchy, region, & channel type based group communication
    • Non-obtrusive evaluation on product awareness
    • Timely capturing of market feedback & response
    • Better retention of product schemes and offers
  • Responsive, participative, and emotionally connected network
    • 24x7 support aided by real-time analytics for campaign & out-reach strategy
    • Improved visibility of the entire network at the central hub
    • Increased brand loyalty & footprint

Overview of Productivise benefits

We help build world-class engagement applications to stay connected for better formal communication & coordination between the central hub & its network.

Imagine it to be WhatsApp like but:  

  • Ultimate privacy-preserving messaging system: built using blockchain-based technology
  • Complete control over end-user device: restricted circulation of messages & documents, prevents taking screenshots, copying, or forwarding, and storage outside of the app
  • On-premises hosting to store data on your private cloud/server
  • Web-Chat for desk-based staff with voice/video calling
  • Option to embed chat into your existing app
  • Extended productivity & workflow-related features
  • Hybrid interface (structured menu, conversational UI, & role-based UI)
  • Micro-learning Platform
  • Content Ingestion System
  • Client configurable Branding

Launch your own “private” platform within 14 days for your network without any hassle!



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