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What is Professor?

Professor is an  Institute Management System automates Institution management workflows with innovative ways to provide and handout scholastic, assisting institutions saving time and money. It is designed to serve the modern education equipped with an intuitive and responsive interface that allows revamping.

Professor includes lessening the workload of teachers and administration by providing an interface that is user-friendly, easy to use and can be accessed from any electronic device (Phone, Laptop, Tab etc.) It focuses on amplifying the learning activity of the student, making them more productive.

It is a web-based application under use 24/7, aligned to all education institutions obedience to standards and best market practices in terms of security and frame. The platform straightaway supports all tools and features needed to create a robust and economical education system, as the most comprehensive education solution provider. With the features like course management, chat communications and storage systems etc. Professor is empowering teachers with the best tools to support their institute's approach.


Overview of Professor benefits


Cloud Based System: in this system, professor can be accessed from anywhere anytime. It's beneficial because the information can be accessed from anywhere around the world which makes it flexible in nature.
Convenience  and Flexibility: Professor provides students full control and     accountability. They can allocate their time to learning. This control allows coordinating their education and ensures the best time for learning. Example: many students may work better in the evening but traditional education restricts them. Online education is     available anytime & anywhere allows students to decipher with their capabilities.    
Pay as go: According to the pay as you go rates you just need to pay for what you use.
Accessibility: Full rights are given within the infrastructure. They can make     changes to vital details and keep an eye on goof-up in data. It makes administration in touch with students and caters problems easily.
Customization: Institutes can personalize the application from enabling/disabling the whole Resource to customizing the data lists to setting up a student/prospect attribute.     
Student-Teacher Collaboration: Using Professor adds beyond the classroom     increases the interaction between faculty and students. Solving queries online makes the atmosphere friendly.
Organizes and safely stores big data: It offers advanced encryption so that one doesn’t have to worry about failing in wrong hands. Thus, maintaining and updating becomes easier and all big data can be placed at a single location.



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