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What is Proficonf?

Proficonf is a professional video conferencing platform that allows host meetings with up to 250 participants without any downloads or installations.

Proficonf aims to help users save time connecting with teammates, business partners, tutors, students, etc. You can invite participants via email, or copy the link and send it to participants.

Proficonf works on web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, plus Android and iOS mobile devices.

  1. We offer a Free plan with a 24-hours time limit and 5 participants limit on video meetings. To host limitless meetings with a bigger audience, a paid subscription is required.
  2. Starting at $12 per month, the Pro plan allows for 100 participants, 24 hours of non-stop recording, and 5 GB of cloud storage.
  3. The $25 per month Premium plan allows for 250 participants, 24 hours of non-stop recording with the ability to start automatically when a meeting starts, and 10 GB of cloud storage.
  4. The Business plan allows you to create a Workspace, invite colleagues for simultaneous events, and work on the pay-as-you-go pricing model, all features included. You can embed Proficonf into your website or app via REST API and iframe API.

Live streaming and Multistreaming features allow you to stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Restream, or RTMP server.

Overview of Proficonf benefits

Proficonf is a perfect program for e-learning and business.
Use of this program I recommend it for any type of company, as it fits any need, the idea of this application is to make video calls between customers and partners, this tool is perfect for making last-minute video conferences and also allows organizing events in a more organized and professional.

You can use Pro or Premium plans for personal usage or create a Workspace with a Business plan, invite Workspace members to host any number of events simultaneously, and use all available Proficonf features, including embedding on websites/apps via REST API&iframe API.

To host online lessons the teacher needs to register on the Proficonf website, then create a virtual classroom, and invite students with the speaker role so that they can turn on the camera and microphone and be full participants in the learning process. 

In-build tools such as screen sharing, demonstration of presentations and any files, Miro board, Whiteboard, and YouTube video demonstration will help with education.


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