ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and collaboration tool that facilitates efficient ways to manage projects and teams in one place.

Who Uses This Software?

ProofHub is suitable for any organization with teams working together towards a shared goal and wish to manage projects efficiently from a centralized location.

  • Large Enterprises (>10,000)
  • Non Profits
  • Small/Medium Businesses
  • Design
  • Education Management
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Professional Services (Agency, Business)
  • Program Development
  • Real Estate
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Software as a Service / Cloud
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Documentation
  • Live Online
  • Online Tutorials
  • 24/7
  • Email
  • FAQ
  • Knowledge Base
  • Live Online
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What is ProofHub?

ProofHub is a central platform for all project-related needs like tasks, teams, communication, files, resources, and more. It puts teams in control of their work processes and helps them focus on their goals and the things that matter most. 

ProofHub allows teams to plan, assign, organize, and prioritize their work in a manner so that everybody knows exactly what to do. Teams can make sure that every critical piece of information is in the right place so that nothing falls through the cracks. ProofHub’s multiple views allow different teams to work in a way that is best suited to their workflow. 

The platform gives you a bird’s eye view of the progress and provides you ultimate control over your projects to check if your team is on the right track. ProofHub gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals.

Overview of ProofHub benefits

Mentioned below are the reasons why ProofHub is the best project management software for your team. 

A complete package

ProofHub is called an all-in-one project management and collaboration tool for a reason. From making project plans, managing tasks and files, and communicating effectively with your team to finally deliver your projects successfully on time, ProofHub has everything you need to manage your projects from start to finish. 

Makes working together easy

Being a shared space, ProofHub keeps everyone on the same page and focused on the same goals so that teams can work together efficiently and deliver outstanding results in no time. 

Easy to use

It comes with little to no learning curve, making it very simple to use and easy to adapt to. Teams do not have to invest a lot of time and effort to know and get used to the tool.

Gives you the ultimate control

ProofHub allows you to be in more control by gaining clear visibility of team performance and see the entire project status in one place. 


Flat price

ProofHub’s no per-user fee makes it quite economical for businesses that want to operate efficiently without investing too much.


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