• Large Enterprises (>10,000)
  • Non Profits
  • Public Administrations
  • Small/Medium Businesses
Use Cases
  • Association Learning
  • Customer Training
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Training
  • Immersive Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Workforce Development
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • eLearning
  • Executive Office
  • Nonprofit Organization Management
  • Mobile Application
  • Software as a Service / Cloud
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • API
  • Documentation
  • Online Tutorials
  • Business Hours
  • Email
  • FAQ
  • Knowledge Base
  • Live Online
  • Phone
Supported Specifications
  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition
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What is Qbic?

Experience the freedom of shaping your training and development with Qbic. Qbic is an all-in-one solution consisting of a corporate LMS with a dynamic course marketplace, offering you a practical and collaborative platform to chart your distinctive path to growth.

Tailor the corporate LMS to your preferences and needs. Customize it to assess course effectiveness according to your strategy, align it with your organizational structure, and convey your values through personalized branding. Discover a diverse array of courses thoughtfully created by our professional partners within our course marketplace, Q Store. With Qbic's integrated corporate LMS and course marketplace, there are no extra costs to expand your network, making it a practical choice for organizations of all sizes and objectives. Qbic represents more than just an LMS; it stands as your trusted partner in achieving training success.

Overview of Qbic benefits

Auto Enrollment with Your Organizational Structure
Utilize Custom Profile Structures to seamlessly integrate your organizational hierarchy into Qbic. Automate group or team enrollments with precision, including onboarding for new members based on their roles, streamlining the learner management process.

Private Communication with Course Administrators
Enable one-on-one conversations through "Ask the Expert" to connect learners with subject matter experts within your organization. Give learners access to personal assistance by offering private chat support on courses available in the Q Store.

Share Courses with Anyone At No Additional Cost
Establish dedicated channels on Q Store to effortlessly share unlimited courses with partners, vendors, resellers, or any individuals linked to your organization, without incurring additional costs.

Buy or Sell Courses in Qbic’s Open Marketplace
Explore the Q Store to acquire courses necessary for compliance or to enrich your training initiatives. Alternatively, publish your own courses to generate additional revenue and share your expertise with a global audience.

Many Powerful Features for Any Sized Organization

  • Custom Workspaces with Unique URLs
  • Customizable Sign-in Page, Home Page and Theme
  • Custom Reports and Delivery Schedules
  • Customizable Assessments and Course Surveys
  • Gamification for User Engagement
  • Personalize Certificates
  • Visual Learning Paths for Clear Objectives
  • Discussion Forum to Support Social Learning

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