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What is Qstream?

Qstream is an enterprise microlearning app that provides scenario-based challenges for real world context, extensive real time analytics for effective coaching and risk aversion, and in depth immediate feedback for proficiency. We're the pioneers of the spaced education model and allow employees to not only retain and reinforce information effectively but also accomodate their busy work lives. The Qstream platform is user-friendly and allows for L&D intiatives to be carried at scale within an organization. Our assessment-based technology complements overall learning management systems and ensures that workers are postively engaged. As a result, we drive job performance improvement and advance business objectives. 

Overview of Qstream benefits

Qstream is integrateable on any software, has a resusable library to streamline learning efforts, a seamless set up process to implement learning content, and is accessible on any device. Additionally, Qstream's team is there with you every step of the way to create and deploy effective content at scale. Our SaaS analytics and content development product offerings allow for effective and up to date training and coaching across an organization. Consequently, we save you time and money in all sectors of your business. Through these benefits, we making learning accessible to all types of learners (i.e., visual) and their schedules. 



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