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  • SCORM 1.2
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What is Quiklrn Private Limited?

Quiklrn offers cloud-enabled Learning services to Academic Institutions, Enterprises, and Individual learners.  Key highlights of the Quiklrn Adaptive Learning platform are:

1.     Integrated end-to-end course management feature which enables academic institutes to drive Outcome-Based Education and automates the computation of CO/PO attainments.

2.     Comprehensive highly scalable digital exam feature, that enables academic institutes to conduct on-line examinations for both Descriptive and Objective type examinations with multiple question types and randomized unique question papers for each student. (supports 1000s of concurrent tests)

3.     A versatile content management hub feature enables faculty to create adaptive courseware consisting of multiple file-formats (like pdfs, videos, practice tests, etc). Faculty also can integrate e-books from various publishers and content providers.

4.     The content hub also facilitates access to employability readiness courses from content partners, and also open-access free courses.

5.     Integrations to virtual classroom solutions with conference solutions with native or external virtual classroom solutions

6.     Quiklrn offers a comprehensive learning insights dashboard for Institute administrators to track and monitor the progress of academic activities.

7.     A personal learning assistant mobile learning app with a cloud sync feature between two devices enables Anywhere Learning.

8.     Quiklrn's cloud-based adaptive learning platform is widely used for insights-driven learning to drive learning outcomes.

9.     Quiklrn adaptive learning platform is successfully deployed at institutes like RVCE, Bangalore, and other engineering, management, and dental colleges. 

10.   Quiklrn offers, enhanced the digital learning experience of e-books, In partnership with leading publishers.

Overview of Quiklrn Private Limited benefits

Get Cloud-based, data-driven and AI-powered learning services for your learners.
Cloud-based learning services provide anytime anywhere access of the courses. The mobile users can access the content while being on the move at the point of need.
Content hub  provides a respository for all learning material organized based on relevance and selected courses. Content hub supports  e-books (free and paid) from publishers which are accessible based on licensing.
Personalization feature has a rich set of functions that saves the preferences of the learner. Learners can create their learning paths by adding notes, weblinks, tags, images, documents, and embed them into the courseware from multiple sources, including social media applications.
Assessment features help to measure the effectiveness of learning. Learning assessments are non-graded assessments that are part of the content packs and configurable with guidance for the correct answer. Performance assessments are graded and integrated with the certificate generator.
Content Security The multi-tier encryption services at multiple levels (device-level, user-access, and licensing) provide tamper-proof content security. The license manager of the Quiklrn platform manages the expiry period of the content and access rights.
Data Integrity The assessment system provides the complete audit trail of the assessment, response, and reviews of the assessments with the timestamps and user detail. The training/course records of every individual maintained for audit, accreditation, and compliance purposes.


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