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What is Range?

Range is a powerful tool that reimagines status updates so your team remains on track and in sync every day. It helps everyone on your team plan their day and share progress in minutes to keep everyone connected, focused, and productive no matter where they're working.

With Range, you can rest easy knowing your team is working on the right things. Get regular updates on objectives to keep your team aligned. They're simple to set up and update, and teams can easily keep track of progress and link them to their daily Check-ins using #Tags for each of your goals.

Overview of Range benefits

Goodbye busywork, hello teamwork
Check-ins are asynchronous status updates that makes it easy to see what teams are doing, what they need, and how they’re feeling.
Screenshot of Range Check-ins

List what you plan to do and a few things you’ve recently completed. Add whatever context you want.

With a click, add useful items from dozens of apps you use like Google Doc, GitHub, Jira, Asana and more.

Get to know your team better with fun and insightful team questions and emojis.

Publish your Check-in with your team so they can follow along in Range, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.


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