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What is React?

REACT is a synchronous method of lesson delivery and is designed to operate in real-time whereby a teacher delivers a lesson from a studio, classroom or from their desk. Regional and remote students log into the lesson from their chosen location and participate in much the same away as a conventional classroom.

Any number of classrooms or meeting rooms (venues) can be created to run simultaneous sessions with full access to all capabilities. Users access to venues is controlled through the login process to ensure only bona-fide participants enter any given venue ensuring security for all participants.

All participants have equal opportunity of access to use the capabilities whilst the control of these remains with the teacher. As an example, not only can the teacher stream their video or share their desktops, all students can share theirs also so that all participants see and hear everything in real-time.

REACT also provides a simple and clear solution to recording sessions and making these recordings available to users later. The ability to capture lesson components provides resources for future use and provides a means of assessment of student participation and contribution.

In most cases, very little or no modification of existing teaching materials is required as these are usually transferrable.

REACT extends the reach of teachers in specialist subjects (which are often difficult to source) to any student wherever they may be located geographically. This increases the scope for student education and provides resource and cost-effective solutions to educational institutions.

Overview of React benefits

1. Lessons can be broadcast from a single laptop or from purpose-built studios using multiple camera inputs – teachers really have the capability to customise their own, unique teaching eco-system.

2. There’s NO scheduling, session ID’s, passwords and links required.
You simply open REACT, select your class and step inside. It’s that easy.

3. The Teacher has full control of the classroom, they control who speaks and when, and who has audio or video access. Teachers manage student collaboration, interaction with peers and sharing of work.

4. REACT can be deployed on the customer’s server, meaning entrance to the class is safe and secure with end-to-end encryption and optional directory server authentication.

5. Multicast technology allows for one stream of data to be viewed by one or by thousands, making the use of bandwidth highly efficient. Web and cloud-based services require individual streams (unicast) for every participant, making them complex to manage as the system scales.

A networked school or university can therefore have a single video stream between teachers, classes, and campuses.


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