Keep your hiring in one place. Online applicant tracking tools for the best candidates and hassle-free hiring.

Who Uses This Software?

Growing companies that are looking to significantly improve their team's odds of hiring the right candidate each time.

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What is Recruiterbox?

Recruiterbox is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that makes the typically complex hiring process simpler and more efficient in achieving results faster. Designed for small and medium-sized companies, this platform allows recruiters to create and manage new openings and complete the entire hiring cycle in a few simple steps and in an organized manner.

This platform offers a full suite applicant tracking system, from sharing and managing job openings, handling candidates, to candidate sourcing, account management and reporting functions. Recruiterbox allows the setting-up of an integrated candidate database and simultaneous communication with multiple candidates. You can maintain a clean database free from multiple entries through its email scanning and flagging function. Other notable features include resume bulk uploading and parsing.

Overview of Recruiterbox benefits

Ease of Use

Recruiterbox is among the easiest to use ATS in the market today. Without any training, administrators and hiring managers can readily go through every aspect of the hiring process from posting reviews, moving candidates through workflows, exchanging emails with candidates and fellow recruiters, and scheduling interviews. With Recruiterbox, businesses are able to save time and benefit from how quickly they can complete the hiring process.

Barrier-Free Collaboration

Recruiterbox allows hiring managers and non-recruiters engage in the hiring workflow free of any restriction. Team members can conveniently send hiring managers interview notifications, schedule, leave review notes, email with candidates and others all from their email inbox without the need to login to Recruiterbox. There won’t be any additional charge for more user profiles in case you need hiring managers included in this ATS.

Efficient Candidate Sourcing

This application enables users personalize career sites, auto-create candidate profiles from uploads and emails, and post to numerous free and paid job boards with just a single click. Recruiterbox also provides  fully integrated workflows with third-party recruiting agencies. It generates multiple reports to help you find better ways to acquire good candidates.


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