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What is Remesh?

Remesh is a cloud-based feedback collection platform which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced algorithms to engage participants in real-time conversations and collect, present, and analyze their responses. Remesh’s participant sampling process allows users to define the required number of participants and demographics, with all participants pre-screened to ensure a good match with requirements. Remesh also automatically reminds participants on the day of the session, and ensures that the correct number of attendees are present. Users can craft questions in multiple formats before the session starts, and add questions on the fly during live conversations. Participants can be segmented manually or automatically based on their responses, and responses can be compared between different segments.

Overview of Remesh benefits

Remesh is a revolutionary platform for engaging and understanding large groups of people online and in real-time. Get valuable, candid feedback and insights from your employees to address challenges, room for improvement, and opportunities to make your company culture stronger, and your employees happier. The Remesh platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze, understand, and segment employee responses as they happen- so you can easily draw out the actionable insights you seek!

Qualitative insights,
at scale. In real-time.

Mitigate risk and make better decisions, three times faster by gaining quick, frequent, actionable insights that incorporate the customer voice throughout the innovation process.
Save resources by engaging in live, flexible conversations with up to 1,000 people at the same time, rather than doing follow up surveys and focus groups.
Reduce time by 50+ hours of work - so you can focus efforts on storytelling and crafting a narrative from data.




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