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What is Resource Guru?

Resource Guru is an effective scheduling tool designed to keep you and your team on track of your business, keep up with the pace of your work, and meet deadlines. A cloud-based team calendar, Resource Guru helps you eliminate scheduling problems and facilitate delegation and appropriation of people, resources, and equipment.

What can Resource Guru do for your business? More than just being a basic scheduling tool, it puts all your team into one online calendar where you can map out your moves, collaborate on dates, set up schedules for your team and resources.  Resource Guru provides that optimum visibility for businesses to really maximize their schedules and make most out their manpower, equipment, resources, and time. What is even better is that the system integrates easily in any software environment, thanks to its open API and Webhooks that help you connect it to virtually any system. 

Overview of Resource Guru benefits

Resource Guru streamlines resource planning, and helps you keep your company’s assets under control. It specializes in fast and modifiable scheduling, which means you will have even the most dynamic staff schedules regularly updated. To do so, the system requires minimal intervention by your side, and eliminates a number of human caused errors and confusions.

In a single, smart calendar, Resource Guru will assemble all projects, tasks, clients, and meetings, and give you the full picture of who’s been assigned what, and how his assignment is progressing. The calendar contains a unique ‘Availability’ bar, thanks to which you can assign all tasks at a time, and maximize the utilization of your personnel’s potential.

To focus on a particular project or group, you can use custom fields and filters, including Locations, Skills, Departments, Permanent/Freelance, and so on. These fields will also be useful to pull out relevant data, and report on the accomplishments on a particular project. To handle vacations, sick leave, maternity leave or other absence, Resource Guru will also provide you with a flexible Leave planner.


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