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What is ReviewCloud?

We make performance reviews work. With ReviewCloud, you can: 

  • Focus on high-quality feedback instead of managing a process.
  • Automate employee reviews, conversations, and one-on-ones.
  • Save hundreds of management & administration hours.
  • Improve Engagement & Retention

Our technology is cloud-based and mobile, allowing you to work from anywhere. It's easy to administer, and provides real-time reporting, including status reports by feedback, goals or employees.  Our flexible customization allows you to include video, images, approvals, instructions, rule-based processes and more. Automated reminders ensure accountability for you, managers and employees.

Whether you conduct interviews in the office or in 1:1 video conferences, ReviewCloud allows you to identify topics and priorities, track notes and automate reviews and updates. 

We're here to help too. You can rely on your dedicated project team members and utilize the experience of HR pros, just like you. 

Visit our site and schedule a quick demo today. 



Overview of ReviewCloud benefits

Performance reviews don't have to be hard. Managers often don’t know how to give useful feedback, and employers often don’t know how to take criticism and grow from it. Worst, many employers often focus on metrics that don’t connect to an employee’s psychological needs.

At ReviewCloud, we simplify performance management processes so you can focus on the quality of feedback. “Making it easy” means we combine software, service and content to reduce costs and improve engagement.

ReviewCloud's learning centered experience includes:

  • Performance Reviews, Conversation & Self-Evaluations
  • Goal Tracking & Accountability
  • Automated Scheduling & Reminders
  • Full Form Customization
  • Unlimited Forms & Scheduled Events
  • Employee Profiles, History & File Storage
  • Real-time Dashboard Analytics
  • Knowledgebase & Training Videos
  • Cloud-based Access & Full Mobility
  • Structured Communication Aligned to Your Mission
  • Flexible, per User pricing 

ReviewCloud helps you aligning your People Strategy with Business Strategy. Our network of HR, eLearning, workforce training and talent management solutions has helped companies to be their best for over 35 years. As part of Trainery’s brand solutions, we empower human resource departments to optimize skill sets, knowledge, productivity, and employee experience at scale.



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