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  • Microlearning
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Supported Specifications
  • xAPI/Tin Can API

What is RightPath LMS?

RightPath™ is an integrated student and teacher success system that offers paths that empower educators with the tools they need to insure success. Four exceptional modules packed with features seamlessly combine to provide solutions in the areas of Data Informed Instruction, Instructional Planning, Learning Resources & Programs and Professional Performance.

Give your teachers options. Provide hundreds of lessons for your teachers that can be assigned manually or as a result of diagnostic assessments identifying a learning gap. Lessons are engaging, complete and even provide internal assessment so you know if the students has become proficient on the topic! Lessons for grades 1-12 so remediation across grade levels is a snap!

Overview of RightPath LMS benefits

RightPath™ Your Complete Solution For Student Success
Is your District or School ready to chart their path for success? RightPath™ will help you navigate the success path of every student!

Work with the RRT Team to determine the path or paths that meet the goals of your school or district. RightPath™ will provide your staff with exceptional tools to analyze, take action, monitor and support the success of your students. Are you ready to choose your path to success?

RightPath™ provides a comprehensive data analysis and reporting system created by educators for educators. Our system monitors achievement while identifying strengths and targeting areas in need of improvement. Our multi-level instructional reports provide macro and micro views of your district, school, class and individual students. RightPath™ offers a substantial and varied menu of assessment choices to meet your needs. RightScore insures the timely scoring and feedback when delivering assessments online or on paper. RightPath™ has all the tools you need to monitor student progress and promote their growth, while they move towards mastery.


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