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What is Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce Platform is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables developers to create and deploy cloud apps. The product offers a responsive layout to users and provides services and tools to automate processes and integrate with third-party programs.

With Heroku and Salesforce, you can manage apps coded in open languages such as PHP, Java, and Ruby. Heroku Enterprise offers control features, enterprise-level support, and collaboration functionality.

Salesforce Lightning Design System presents code and guides to help developers build apps. You can create apps by utilizing reusable building blocks such as number-entry forms, buttons, calendars, and maps. In addition, you can develop enterprise apps by dragging and dropping elements into the Lightning App Builder. Another advantage is you can use a schema builder to modify data-object relationships.

You can utilize Lightning Connect to link your apps with outside data sources. If you run into any issues, you can contact the vendor’s phone support team as well as get help from the online forum and video tutorials.

Overview of Salesforce Platform benefits


You can create experiences to help your employees work more quickly and market your apps smartly. Use the Lightning App Builder to personalize and develop apps. Create responsive apps and pages by using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Besides, you can add branding and custom themes to customize the experience.

Utilize Lightning Flow and Process Builder to drive productivity. Improve efficiency with Process Builder’s point-and-click process and workflow tools. Extend your business processes, data, and apps to all stakeholders. Individualize the experience with CRM data, link external data, and integrate CMS content. The best part is you can deploy quickly by leveraging prebuilt components and themes.

AI Services

Use Salesforce Einstein to develop smart experiences with artificial intelligence. Create customized, AI-powered apps with myEinstein services that include Einstein Vision, Einstein Object Detection, Einstein Sentiment, and Einstein Intent.

Process Automation

Make use of the Salesforce Process Builder to effortlessly automate your complex business processes. You don’t need any code to determine the process criteria and automatically create and update tasks, emails, and records. Another benefit is you can submit approval requests with a few clicks. The best part is you can visualize the whole process in a single hub to create and collaborate directly with business owners.


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