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What is SalesScreen?

SalesScreen is an employee recognition platform for companies that want to improve sales productivity using rewards. It has three modules that offer different tools for motivating your sales employees. You can recognize their efforts with awards and badges, you can foster friendly rivalry with competitions, and you can gamify achievements with leaderboards, tokens, and rewards. Not only do these encourage your most productive staff, but these can also stimulate others to put in more effort in their work.

Aside from the awards and contests, SalesScreen also supports transparency about sales performance metrics. That is why the solution enables you to cast visualized data to TV screens throughout your offices. This way, everyone is aware of his or her standing. With this, teams can be more focused and strive harder to achieve or go beyond the current set goals.

Overview of SalesScreen benefits

Culture of Appreciation

Even your best performing sales employees need a nudge to continue their achievement streaks. With SalesScreen, you can provide that effortlessly, as the solution lets you recognize accomplishments and celebrate milestones in style. Apart from letting you customize announcements to make them captivating, you can also add music and sound effects to add to the excitement.

Fun Competitions

Team competitions are only one among the several kinds of contest SalesScreen enables. This allows managers to work together with every team member for them to meet the criteria for winning. The platform also gives individuals the chance to shine against their rivals and even to beat them in one-on-one battles. In line with that, employees have the option to turn off the battle mode to write themselves out of head-to-head competitions.

Performance Gamification

Other than awards and contests, SalesScreen offers performance gamification tools as well. One of these is the leaderboard that you can display on TV screens on the floor or the company’s premises. And to ensure that teams are focused on their own goals, you can choose to display only the metrics that are relevant to a department.


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