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What is Samepage?

Samepage is a comprehensive collaboration solution for business teams. It is a single platform that enables team collaboration through functionalities such as scheduling, discussion topics, meeting agendas, files, instant messages, conversations, and task lists.

Samepage is suitable for a range of companies including educational and non-profit organizations, marketing agencies and real estate agencies. The application encourages collaboration across different teams by keeping a record of pertinent information that can be accessed by relevant team members.

You can share pages in Samepage with anyone, which means they can be kept up to date and in sync. The vendor offers native mobile apps to help your team members access the service from anywhere, on any device. Files stored in popular file-sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive can all be incorporated in a Samepage page.


Overview of Samepage benefits

Samepage brings together project content, tasks, and team conversation so everyone always has context and is up to speed. No more hunting through your email inbox and IM channel to piece together what’s going on. All the information about your project is on one page. Since Samepage is easy to use and its layout is super flexible, it is ideal for making all your daily team workflows easier.

With Samepage, you can share projects inside your organization as well as with outside contractors, consultants, partners and clients. You can easily set permissions for each individual, so everyone only sees what they should see. You can even create public pages and share them with anyone via your social networks.

Account setup takes less than a minute. You can invite team members to collaborate instantly and create rich collaborative pages using Samepage’s extensive integrations and file-sync capabilities.

The vendor has provided an update that they have native audio/video chat built in now, both for 1-on-1 communications as well as group chats. Samepage does not rely on Google Hangouts.


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