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What is School Aura?

Why Online Study With SchoolAura

The world is changing for the better. Because of the advancement of technology, geek minds have grown tired of doing more work, and carrying books, notebooks and how much to buy books?

Solution: Now you can find a simple solution with SchoolAura. In these days almost everyone has a Smartphone, Tab, or Laptop. So just open your device and start your study from anywhere anytime while you are traveling, sitting in the park, etc.

Now Use your time and gain knowledge every second and Use your device for the right things, not to waste your time.

Overview of School Aura benefits

Task Activities
Daily assignments and tasks can be easily completed through the online availability of information. Subject-wise homework can be submitted online which helps students to finish their tasks online.

Exam Results
Exam and assessment results of each individual student can be seen. The report cards will be generated online for each individual student.

Notice Updates
The necessary announcements and updates will reach to the students and parents quickly.

All the essential academic and administrative tasks can be easily monitored, such as students profile, exam results, fee details, transportation details, etc.

When all the information is available online and is shared regularly with parents and students transparency will be maintained.

Planning & Sharing
It becomes important nowadays for students to share their thoughts and ideas, SchoolAura Smart Education Platform will provide you a perfect stage to showcase and share your brilliant ideas.


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