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What is SellPro?

SellPro is a microlearning software designed to help businesses in the retail industry create learning courses, train sales representatives, and set up training goals. It enables retailers to capture customers’ feedback for brand partners and inform employees about changes in protocols and procedures.

Features of SellPro are communication management, gamification, collaboration, version control, push notifications, workflow management, and more. The application allows administrators to create virtual events, polls, surveys, forum threads, and live feed on a centralized dashboard. Trainers can use SellPro to reuse the existing content, track course completion progress, award certificates, and monitor participants’ performances. The reporting and analytics tool also lets managers analyze and correlate product training against various metrics including customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

SellPro provides employees with training incentives including product discount codes, digital gift cards, rebates, and mall credits to increase participation and knowledge retention. Business owners can use the event manager to handle virtual training or in-store events, receive RSVPs, send event reminders to participants, and track attendance.

Overview of SellPro benefits

SellPro is the only employee training, communication, engagement, and insights solution designed specifically FOR RETAIL. SellPro helps product brands, retailers, and store employees make in-store experiences one WORTH having. Train, engage, communicate, gather insights, all in the mobile-first app. Integrated gamification and rewards, certifications, knowledge base and more, to keep everyone in the retail channel on the same page. Together, we can save retail.

Retail Employee Engagement
Improve the customer experience. Increase sales. Reduce turnover.
Studies prove that retailers with engaged employees are more profitable, have higher customer satisfaction and experience higher retention. But because humans have different goals, it’s hard to find something that engages them all.

SellPro approaches this by hitting several intrinsic and extrinsic engagement factors: knowledge and learning, gamification and rewards, and two-way communication to let employees' voices be heard. All these wrapped up in an app that can be accessed when the employee most wants or needs it


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