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What is SentricHR?

SentricWorkforce is a comprehensive human resource and payroll solution. It is an all-in-one platform that combines the core business functions including HRIS, onboarding, recruiting, time & attendance, benefits, payroll, absence management, talent management, and more. The application is crafted to handle both small tasks and complex processes in the day to day operations.

Since SentricWorkforce is a web-based solution, it gives all users the freedom to manage data anywhere, anytime on any device. In addition, this robust software is engineered to fit the way small, and medium-sized companies work. It streamlines the functions of employees, HR, and managers; and helps them complete their tasks more efficiently.

Overview of SentricHR benefits

SentricWorkforce is a reliable end-to-end HR software with an array of unique functionalities. The set of features make it one of the most powerful business solutions in the modern era. The application meets the needs of the busy organizations, and it is intuitive enough to adapt to everyday use. It’s an ideal platform for businesses looking to automate their time-sensitive administration tasks without compromising on their performance.

The key element of this suite is the Employee Self-Service (ESS) module. The functionality grants employee complete access to employee directory, payslips, leave details, attendance details, life event updates, and company announcements. The ESS module accords every employee greater control of work life. It keeps everyone in your company engaged thereby helping every department to do more and deliver desired results. In addition, it makes it easy for employees to manage their work schedule, benefits, tax information, payment history, and personal information.

Additionally, the recruitment feature enables you to turn promising prospects into stunning hires. The feature helps you to manage the entire recruitment cycle right from identifying job requirements to onboarding. It helps you accomplish all the recruitment tasks including job posting, rating suitable talent, communicating with the candidate, and managing interviews. In addition, it aids the evaluation process, internal approvals, and tracks evaluations. It provides the best way to hire the best-placed applicant with ease.


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