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What is Sertifier INC?

Sertifier is a digital credential management software that helps institutions, academies, universities and schools to send digital certificates and badges at ease.


Digital Certificates

Professional designs:

Let your design process be easily done in minutes with Sertifier’s drag&drop certificate and open badge design tool. Choose one of our eye-catching templates or upload your own.


Custom variables:

The magic of automated certificate distribution is right here. Place variables on your design. Custom earner information will be automatically placed on your design while generating the certificate.


Skill library:

Certificates are not just designs. You can tag each certificate on Sertifier with what skill has been learned. Use the skills library we have prepared for you.



When did the course take place? Has a test been done in the course? Is there a video recording of the course? Include the pieces of evidence to help the certificate earner remember your course.


Instant share on socials:

Earners can share their certificates and badges on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with one click.


Your certificates, your branding:

Strengthen your brand image with Premium White-Labeling. Increase online visibility with fully branded certificates and badges.


Open Badges


2.0 Compliant Digital Badges

Sertifier badges are IMS Global Open Badges 2.0 compliant. This means all data listed below are automatically baked into the badge file you generate and can be used cross-platform.


Instant share on socials:

Earners can share their certificates and badges on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with one click.

Overview of Sertifier INC benefits

Sertifier is a web application which revolutionizes the traditional certificate designing and printing process by allowing its customers to create, design, store, and distribute varying certificates online in an efficient, easy, and eco-friendly way. Also, it is an open-source for everyone to verify every distributed certificate as an independent authority. 

With Sertifier, you can:


  • Reward your attendees, students, and employees with verified and secure certificates & badges. Feel the benefits of sending digital credentials with Sertifier’s certificates and badges


  • Verify achievements and skills with Sertifier’s open badges. Use Sertifier’s user-friendly badge designer to create and share your open badges with earners.



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Learn more about Sertifier INC's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use.


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