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What is Setapp?

Take the stress away from work and get more done with an all-in-one multitool for any challenge you have. Focus on tasks; Setapp will do the rest. At a single price.

How does it work? In a nutshell, beautifully. Setapp membership gives you an all-access pass to curated Mac and iOS apps. All yours for 7 days free, with no ads and complications.

Every of 220+ Setapp apps is powerful in its way. And when you use them together, you unlock new experiences that feel truly magical.

How to make Setapp your helper in everyday work?

Search. Type words in the search bar. Anything that describes your task.

Solve. Install the apps suggested by Setapp and get the work done.

Automate. Connect apps into workflows to boost your productivity even more.

Overview of Setapp benefits

Setapp is a productivity toolkit for solving tasks and automating routines. It includes several Authoring tools, such as:

1. Strike

Strike is a mix of distraction-free writing, smart markdown, and tools for collaborative doc editing. So much more than just a writing app. To jot down a note, or to write a book, Strike fits in. For convenience, toggle between instruments right inside the app—from the menu bar or the right pane of the Strike window.

2. Ulysses

Ulysses gives you every tool you need to put your words on figurative paper. It’s an insanely functional writing program, yet it stays completely out of your way when you just need a page to write on. With Ulysses, every step of your story’s lifecycle gets easier: you can write undistracted, format with a few keystrokes, and publish without leaving the app.

3. Manuscripts

Manuscripts not only simplifies the process of hard projects writing, but it makes it a breeze to create and edit any kind of academic writing. Insert figures, tables, equations, and even citations in a few clicks. Apply varying formats and get warned about missing sections, violated word limits, and other similar factors, which can seriously affect or delay your submission. 

4. Diarly

Diarly is a journaling app that makes your Mac home to exciting stories and memories. Write, customize formatting, and organize entries the way you like. For secure and easy access to Diarly, you can enable encryption and password protection, also sync your data across devices.



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