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What is SHEQSY?

SHEQSY iOS & Android lone worker app safeguards employees with duress alarm, periodic check-ins, overtime alerts and safety screens. From the dashboard, organisations can effortlessly monitor, manage and report on lone worker activities in real-time. SHEQSY can be deployed via the smartphone app and/or various lone worker devices including SPOT & Garmin inReach. SHEQSY integrates with popular calendars (i.e. Office 365, Microsoft Exchange) and provides APIs for integration with other platforms.

Lone Worker Safety Solution Comparison Guide
Discover which type of lone worker safety solution will most effectively safeguard your lone workers with this free Comparison Guide.

Discover how easy it is to keep your lone workers safe
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Overview of SHEQSY benefits

Simplify your lone worker safety systems
SHEQSY is the leading lone worker safety solution that protects employees in real-time and makes it easy to manage, monitor and report on lone worker activities from one user-friendly dashboard. Watch this quick video to see SHEQSY in action.

Safeguard lone workers using smartphones
SHEQSY app for iOS and Android is easily deployed to employee smartphones. Duress alerts can be sent directly to managers or to a professionally monitored security center.

Get your mobile workforce home safely
Visualise employees with activity countdown timers. SHEQSY generates real-time alerts when an employee overstays their activity or misses a check-in. Go home knowing your employees will do the same.

Be compliant with lone worker legislation
Feel confident you have taken reasonable steps to minimise risks faced by lone workers. Reduce your exposure to significant work, health and safety fines.


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