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What is ShiftX?

ShiftX is a new way to do Process Modeling without the hassle of BPMN certification and specialists. With ShiftX, we've moved past BPMN and created a simpler notation that anyone can use. 

Most process tools are either extremely hard to use or an unstructured mess.

We create a process tool that can be used by anyone because you only achieve an accurate picture of your organization's processes by enabling everyone to take part in the modeling.

Collaborate with your colleagues to find out how you can improve the as-is processes and map the to-be processes at your workplace with ShiftX.

ShiftX is a very easy and efficient tool that is well suited for building a culture where the entire organization is centered around processes.

Overview of ShiftX benefits

- Faster and easier than any other tool when drawing flows. With automatic flow layout you don’t have to spend more time making your flowchart look good. ShiftX optimize and arranges the steps so your lines never cross, and always keep your flows presentable.

- Identify steps in your flows that is redundant, and analyze where you can save time and money

- Work together in real time and share your flows with anyone

- Consume the flow step-by-step, without the need to get distracted with big and complex flows

- With out ShiftX notation you get a unified language on how to communicate flows and processes in your organization


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