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What is Shortlist?

Shortlist is a global provider of an all-in-one vendor and freelance management system that is focused on making it easier for companies to find, manage, rate, pay and collaborate with their external workforce of vendors and freelancers. It aims to improve cooperation among internal stakeholders and the outside workforce, thus removing friction and creating stronger relationships.

The Shortlist platform is designed to be easier to use, faster to implement and less expensive to operate than traditional business systems. It lets users be more empowered to fully leverage the external talent they require to drive their businesses forward, thanks to its powerful capabilities.

Overview of Shortlist benefits

Shortlist offers a freelance management platform that lets users be free from the usual chaos of spreadsheets, allowing them to find, on-board, communicate and manage their independent contractors. All information of their freelancers, independent contractors, and vendors, including the work and hours they have done, are consolidated in one simple dashboard that is accessible to all employees. It also automates the process of bringing new freelancers and suppliers on-board including compliance checks and collecting and e-signing documents.

Shortlist also helps easily initiate new work orders, automate approvals and create briefs using customizable templates for faster and more efficient deployment of work as needed. Administrators can also send out simple to complex RFPs/RFIs in just a few clicks while tracking everyone’s progress so they get to gain real time visibility. This also makes for easier and more accurate performance tracking and rating, with feedback automatically collected after each project.

Every worker’s documents and invoices are stored securely in one central location that is readily accessible. A central dashboard is also available for administrators to get live insights into performance of their talents or workforce. This dashboard also provides an overview of talent/workforce skills and categories, as well as on-boarding compliance and worker classification.


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