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What is SkipsoLabs?

SkipsoLabs is a simple and intuitive idea management software solution helping bring the best ideas to life. Collate, manage, and monitor ideas from your employees or external communities to help drive strategic decisions. Keep track of continuous streams of ideas and projects, utilize pipeline management to automate every step of your program, and build a database of all ideas from past and present initiatives.

A complete technology scouting package to help your organization discover the most innovative technologies, start-ups and innovators.

Access a global community of innovators
Open your innovation challenge to a wider audience  
Match external technologies with internal requirements

Overview of SkipsoLabs benefits

SkipsoLabs was founded in 2007 with an ambitious objective: to create a platform that supports and accelerates sustainable innovation globally. Over the years we have quickly become one of the leading innovation management platforms on the market, helping organizations worldwide find, manage and nurture innovation. We do this by leveraging the latest web technologies and by using a combination of: 

Automated Workflows
Crowdsourcing Engine
Matchmaking Algorithms
Collaboration Tools
Game Mechanics
Data Analytics

SkipsoLabs has built software platforms to support and power some of the most prestigious innovation programs in the world. Over the years we have worked and built a close relationship with top corporates, leading universities, government agencies, accelerators as well as leading not for profit organizations. We see our clients as an extension of our team and we work with them closely to help them get the most out of our platform.


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