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What is Skolarli - Learning Experience Platform?

Skolarli is a Learning Experience Platform as a Service. It's a single tool for all your training and Learning & Development needs. Create you training programs at scale and Deliver in any digital format.

Skolarli has been designed ground-up to drive impactful learning experience by incorporating learners changing needs and habits.

We do so primarily by focusing on removing the barriers to learning, providing learners a platform where they can choose the contents they like to learn.

It enables Educators / Trainers to create contents at scale by proving assistance via AI tools and recommending customized learning paths for the learners.

It's not just features, functions and a SaaS Learning experience platform. When you sign up for Skolarli, you know you are in great company and that your training programs are going to be well taken care of. 

Overview of Skolarli - Learning Experience Platform benefits

Some of the benefits for the Educators:

  1. Engaging and Interactive course creation tools
  2. Easy batch management and scheduling
  3. Easy Quiz creation by randomizing questions from question bank
  4. Easy Quiz creation by randomizing questions from question bank
  5. Curriculum reccomendation engine powered by SKAI(™)
  6. Secure content hosting, ensuring your contents are not access by unintended audiences
  7. Our Proffesional training management team can assist with trainings for learners at the same time 'Train the Trainers'

Some benefits for the Learners:

  1. Easy to access and device agnostic content delivery
  2. Easy access to batch schedules and training curriculums
  3. Interactive quizes and tests engine
  4. Built in learning tools drive by AI to help convert to the digital formats learners love to learn from
  5. Supports bite sized learning - Micro learning courses
  6. Advanced learning content traversal and notepad
  7. Enables students to engage directly with trainers, fostering a supportive environment to seek clarification, doubts redresal, & personalized guidance.

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